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Customer Testimonials

Stubbs Harley-Davidson

"Have you been looking for a customer follow up/contact system, rewards cards? Look no further than MORE THAN REWARDS!! These guys do a super job, friendly, helpful, easy to use! This is the best rewards/customer follow up system out there to date!!"

Joel Morris - Parts Manager


Bald Eagle Harley-Davidson

"For the whole year margins are way up in parts and accessories, and also in the general merchandise department, I completely blame it on (which is a good blame) the rewards program. Our Margin last year in August was 35%, and this year it is 46%."

Amanda Zambon - Motorclothes Manager You Tube


Wilkins Harley-Davidson

"More Than Rewards program allows us to reward our customers without devaluing any of our products. Other than our margins obviously going up because we no longer offer any type of discount, we also now have created a situation where customers want to wait to purchase their products from us, rather than purchase from another dealer that they may be at...More Than Rewards has created that. I would say that there is no real learning-curve. The system is extremely simple and user-friendly...my staff picked it up in under an hour of training. Dynamic package...I love the program."

John Lyon - General Manager You Tube


Three Rivers Harley-Davidson

"The feature we like the most with My Chapter Manager is the fact that all of the information is stored in one spot. It no longer takes 3 officers (secretary, membership officer, and editor) to keep updating a roster, an e-mail list, renew current members, or contact potential members through new bike sales at the dealership. Real simple to use, and saves us at least 20 hours a month managing the Chapter."

Dan (Dano) Olszewski - HOG Director You Tube


Faribault Harley-Davidson

"Program weeded out the people that stopped in only to get discounts. Now, we have a loyal base of customers that continually shop at our store, and are loyal to our store. Our overall sales were being discounted at 5%, and once we got the rewards program going, we have reduced our overall discount to only 2% of sales. It adds up to strong margins and alot more money to our bottom-line."

Ann Hofmeister - Owner/President You Tube


Pioneer Motorsport

"Set-up the event calendar the first couple of days that I had access to it, and had events on there the next day...set-up couldn't be much easier than it is. 10 times easier too because posting an event to the More Than Rewards calendar covers 3 spots at once, then your done with it. Saves alot of trouble and time from having to go into each website separately (Facebook, Twitter, and dealership site) logging-in, editing each day, wording the event, and posting images repeatedly. Calendar automatically posts the event to those sites, and covers all of our social media needs quickly."

Mike George - Marketing Intern You Tube


Action Sports

"It's working out great. The team has gone over and above anything that we've ever expected them to be able to do. They are very affordable, and you get a lot of bang for your buck."

Katie Fruin - Action Wear Manager You Tube


Black Hawk Customs

"We decided to move over to More Than Rewards because we saw the potential...just to try it out, and since we've made that move it's been remarkable in our sales. More Than Rewards is on the ball...sales skyrocketed...it's been exactly what we wanted. With More Than Rewards we've been able to capture more sales and get more customers who return than we've ever had in the past. Your company went above and beyond...that's what we needed, and that's what we got. Customer service has been top-notch, and backs up the product."

James Campbell - CEO You Tube


Heartland Honda

"The platform that More Than Rewards has is very helpful, streamlining processes for us. It's a good product that is user-friendly, and the support you guys provide has been really good as well."

Mark Donahoe - Co-Owner You Tube

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