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Meet the More Than Rewards Crew


Jason - Founder/CEO

An eccentric ex-software developer who has more ideas than he has post-it notes (most of which are never implemented because they require a flux capacitor). Jason is an entrepreneur at heart who has had several successful start-up companies. He secretly wants to be a captain of a pirate ship, but instead sails with a crew of folks who would put the characters of Big Bang Theory to shame. You can watch his video blog on YouTube. He loves God, his family, his co-workers, his cats, and of course his customers.


Brandon – VP of Operations/Marketing

Unknown to most people, years ago Brandon was an Independent Freighter Contractor and Captain, and with one First Mate/Mechanic he moved spice around the Outer Rim Territories. Although, he pretty much carried anything he could as long as he could easily dump it in case of any “imperial entanglements.” Most of Brandon's work was done in collaboration with the Hutt clan, but that didn't end too well. The one thing Brandon didn't carry was people, and during his entire career he only made one exception. He's also really good at making a lot of modifications.


Bill – Quality Assurance Manager

He basically is comprised of one part MacGyver and one part Fox Mulder. We do not say that in jest. He handles the billing, operations, and quality control aspects at More Than Rewards – but that’s just his day job. He enjoys installing security and audio systems, and has recently built a teleprompter and our popular wonder wheel from scratch! He will pretty much build and fix anything electronic while debating the nature of the Annunaki and the UFO enigma. In another life he may have worked alongside Nikola Tesla or Werner Von Braun, geniuses in their own right. But, we are glad Bill’s on our side. We just have to “accidently” break things once in a while to keep him involved with projects.


Christine – Sales Guru

It’s no joke—Christine is truly a “guru”! As a certified Reiki Master, she is trained in various holistic healing techniques for the mind and body, along with the directed use of Ki energy. Along with being an exceptional sales, marketing, and support professional for More Than Rewards, Christine is involved in many diverse activities and interests from ballet dancing, Pilates, healthy cooking, keeping dream journals, gardening, and more. She is also attending school for a degree in Psychology (with an emphasis on Personality Theory) while also spending a lot of time with her two daughters.


Ryan - Account Manager

“R-Perg” (as his fans call him) began his exciting life in New Jersey before working at PSN and now More Than Rewards. Long ago, his mom was beat out for a key position in her high school choir by the famous female rocker, Pat Benatar! So, at a young age, Ryan was strongly encouraged to leach his way into the music business by any means possible. He played the Cello in hopes of one day rubbing bows beside Yo-Yo Ma; he was a three-month production assistant for American Idol; he became a scratch D.J. at the mere age of 14; and for years, Ryan has traveled the country attending over a hundred concerts just for the “privilege” of photographing famous musicians. He even has a professional website: rpergphoto.com — you can view all his stalking victims there!

We’re just kidding — his photos really do rock, just like Ryan himself! Nowadays, he lives the simple life cuddling his French Bulldog, driving a Mini Cooper, and eating Cheerios and milk twice a day. Ryan will be calling you to sell you some stuff, so we’re sure you’ll have lots of interesting stories to swap!


Jake – Application Developer

Developer by day, and adrenaline junkie by night, Jake loves fast cars, paintball, and motocross bikes. When it comes to software, he is interested in insanely cool cryptography protocols, algorithms, and the latest tech. He is also working on learning classical guitar so he can play one of his favorite game theme songs, “Skyrim”, and is an aspiring part-time, semi-professional recorder player.

Tony Lechner

Tony "The Kid" Lechner – Application Developer

Years ago, Tony "The Kid" Lechner was ambushed by the notorious gang, ”Internet Explorer 6”, at a high school AV club meeting. Just before his frail typing fingers were beaten to a pulp by hundreds of their ruthless bugs, he was miraculously saved by a wise programming master. Since that fateful day, The Kid has been studying under the guru who saved him, honing his web development skills day and night with unconventional techniques to become the very best web developer around.


Jenna - Application Development Intern

When Jenna isn't absorbed in an episode of Law and Order SVU, you can probably find her snuggling her cats or playing a game on her PC. She's a huge fan of the acapella group Pentatonix (though she herself cannot sing), and sees them live every chance she gets. Also as a student, she currently attends UW-Milwaukee taking courses in Information Science and Technology. Jenna’s dream is to travel the world, though she's hardly made it past the Wisconsin border…one day it’ll come true!


Luis - Graphic Designer

Luis likes to spend his free time growing his beard out and daydreaming about becoming a cage fighter. He is a loving husband and enjoys spending time with his wife. He's also an avid gamer, and can often be found relaxing playing video games.


Erin "Pixel Queen" - Graphic/Web Design Intern

Erin is currently attending Wisconsin Lutheran College for a Bachelor’s in Business Management and Leadership, graduating in December of 2015. Previously at WCTC, Erin earned her Associate’s in Graphic Design as well as achieved two certificates in Web Design and Photography. When Erin is not working, she likes to hang out with her cat, watch TV shows/movies, play games on her iPad, and spend time with her family and friends.


Sarah Chayer - Marketing Coordinator/Copywriter

Born to the harsh winters of Canada, Sarah was destined to pour her heart out on any page. With the spirit of an artist, she has dabbled in everything from dance to photography, but was always drawn to writing like Sailor Moon to the legendary silver crystal (huge Sailor Moon and Marvel Comics nerd). Sarah graduated UW-Green Bay with a journalism degree, has had some works published in journals, and writes fantasy novels in her spare time.


Michelle – Customer Service Manager

Michelle is a multi-talented musician who plays the piano, flute, and guitar, and she can also be caught singing Karaoke all over the Milwaukee area. She also keeps busy by taking care of several cats, gardening, playing Call of Duty on XBOX, and getting obsessive fan tattoos related to The Beatles.


Nick – Customer Ambassador

Our most musical member of the More Than Rewards team plays in a local band, Boy Blue, collects vintage 1980’s synthesizers, and has a music production degree from McNally Smith College of Music. Nick is also dedicated to helping our customers with our products and services every day in our support department, answering numerous phone calls and emails. In his spare time, Nick also enjoys watching a variety of movies, participating in outdoor activities, and cooking strange recipes he finds on the Internet.


Bryan Knitter – Support Specialist

Bryan Knitter is married with a little, 18-month-old son. While most of his time is dedicated to his family, he enjoys photography, mountain biking and woodworking in his spare time. Bryan is very mechanical, fixing anything from cars to computers. He has also recently taken up brewing his own beer! Hopsolutely remarkable! Additionally, we got wind that he’s fascinated with weather and storms. He describes himself as a “weather nerd,” captivated but a storm’s ability to be both immensely powerful, yet breathtakingly beautiful at the same time.


Shannon – Contact Central Dealer Mentor

Shannon is the single mother of three amazing children. When she's not rocking out surveys she spends time watching movies, hiking, and drawing with the munchkins. Shannon is also an amateur photographer with a passion for nature.


Justin "The Traveler" – Network Operations Manager

The MTR crew met Justin 12 years ago at a ComicCon convention. He was wheeling around a large black bin and saying he would "drastically speed up the evolution of our technology." He really only had an IBM 5100 computer from the 1970's. Thinking it was a joke, we pulled out a current Windows 98 laptop and Justin's exclaimed, "They sent me to the wrong time! It's too late!" He explained that scientists from the year 2185 sent him to 1955 on a covert mission to introduce early PC technology into our society. But, he somehow arrived in 1999 with no way to return back! We promised Justin – or, as he became known as "The Traveler" – he could work at More Than Rewards utilizing his advanced skills until he engineers a way back home. He tells us he's pretty close, and all he needs is a TARDIS.


Ben – Chief Bean Counter

A natural number cruncher of the highest caliber, Ben helps More Than Rewards regarding all aspects of financial stuff. He loved math so much he actually took his actuary certification tests. He often fills our white boards with cryptic calculations and insane proportions. It’s fun working with Ben, as during lunch he would tell you your chances of cracking a tooth biting into a ham sandwich, or the variability of one of your potato chips resembling the profile of a former U.S. president. If only we could get him to help pick our Powerball numbers it would increase our chances of winning millions of dollars. Perhaps if we promise him more white board space we could convince him of our plan.


Ivan "Pretty Boy" – Art Director

Better known to the masses as "Pretty Boy Ive-Adonis" because of his awe-inspiring bod, this guy is a true and dedicated art lover and creator. He will work tirelessly to make sure any project he is involved with is aesthetically the best it can be, because a world without beauty is a world in which the pretty boy cannot exist.


Pat - Mobile Solutions Architect

Do you know anyone who calculates asymptotic lines on a ruled hyperboloid and solves third degree polynomial equations in their spare time? Super mathlete Pat has earned a Bachelor degree doing such equations. He didn't stop there; he also holds several software development certifications including; Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) and Sun Certified Professional (SCP). Pat is our Mobile Solutions Architect and the lead developer on our Let's Buy Local mobile application. Pat's leadership, dedication, and teamwork make him an awesome part of the More Than Rewards team. Though, we hear Dr. Evil is scouting for him right now, so he's currently working in an undisclosed abandoned missile silo.


Laura - eLearning Trainer

From newsletter, training, and sales videos, to any other of our avant-garde productions, Laura lends us her on-camera talents for exciting and informative presentations. As the eLearning Trainer, she works closely with all our teams to understand our software, and bring them to the stage of the world. When she’s not performing at More Than Rewards, Laura loves the outdoors, Wisconsin sports teams, and traveling.

Kristen and Cory

Kristin & Cory - The Ladies of Marketing

Let's get this out of the way. Yes, Kristin and Cory are real-life identical twin sisters. And, yes, you can find them hanging out in our video production studio with Jason making video blogs, or even treating the office to boxes of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. They are the official "Ladies of Marketing." But, don't let their allure and camera-loving nature fool you. Kristin and Cory are also talented, hard-working entertainment professionals who travel all over the country singing, writing, and recording music when they are not at More Than Rewards. You can visit their website here.

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