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Tapping Into Your Inner Muse During Eureka Days!

As we sit around our office eating pizza (we like cheese, being from Wisconsin) and drinking beer working on the next big thing, our employees will often have what we call a "Eureka Moment.” This is a magical time in their life when a brilliant idea just pops in their head and tells them, "If you build it, they will come.”

This happens so much we decided during every quarter we should dedicate at least 24 hours to these special breakthroughs, and thus Eureka Days was born.

During Eureka Days we give employees the chance to work on anything that relates to our products and deliver it within 24 hours. Do you want to improve that process, redesign that interface, or completely rethink that feature that's been bugging you? You've got 24 hours...Go for it!

Some of the projects from Eureka Days are turned into features that go into production. Others projects are just for fun, to gain experience, or just "because we can."

Benefits of Eureka Days


 Awesome T-Shirts

Everyone involved in Eureka Days gets an awesome custom t-shirt, letting the world know they participated and the what project they worked on.


 Free Food, Drinks & Music

We have to keep our strength up, so what better way to do it than to get free food and drinks, while pumping our favorite music playlist throughout the building.


 It Fosters Creativity & Team Work

When there are no rules, anything's possible--except for time travel. We’re still working on that one, but we have not been able to locate a used Delorean on Craigslist.


 We Get To Scratch That Itch

Every employee has something they wish they could add to our products; Eureka Days is the time to tackle it. Take this opportunity to add that new feature you want.


Get Radical and a Little Silly

Eureka Days gives the spotlight to radical ideas which might not normally gain traction, such as adding “daily local weather” to all our reports.


 Have Fun

Traditions like Eureka Days help make More Than Rewards a fun place to work.

Eureka Days
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